Dancing Horse

Ballerina Horse, Melbourne

Roo passed on this lovely piece of street art from Australia which her friend’s boyfriend snapped. Friend comments:

‘I wish I could tell you anything more about it, but I have literally no information at all, he just appeared one day the other week in an alley near my boyfriend’s house. Total mystery! If I were to guess, being as the …spirit of street art is about freedom that challenges ideas of formalised ownership or copyright, my guess would be the unnamed artist would be happy that their work was being appreciated beyond that one tiny back alley. Obviously they have left no name and we have no way of finding or contacting them, but my boyfriend – who just took that little cameraphone pic to show me – is happy for it to be used with no photographers credit required.

Perhaps that’s part of the beauty, nobody “owns” Ballerina Horsie. He is free to dance wild up alley walls and all over the internet! He also might be gone at any moment, so it would be lovely for him to find a second life being seen outside his natural environment (a fairly skanky wall haha).

This might be a slightly larger copy of the picture than what I already posted, please feel free to let the joy of Ballerina Horsie spread wild and unfettered :D’

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