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EHC annual championships (Shanice, who just won for an unprecedented third year running, is at the far left)

I spent a few windy, wet February days with the brilliant Ebony Horse Club in Brixton earlier this year, as part of the penultimate chapter of my book. I got to see firsthand what great work they’re doing, and to be part of the audience for their Championship Day (winners pictured above).

The club has just been awarded a sizeable grant which will go towards the construction of their own stables – essential as at the moment they have a huge waiting list, and those kids who do get to ride a mere four times a term spend more time on a minibus than on a horse’s back – which is wonderful news, but now they just need a little bit more cash to make the total.

This Telegraph piece by Cassandra Jardine tells you much about what they do and the kids they help, and if you’d like to donate, here’s the club’s site.

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