Peter Atkins of the Australian team and his horse Henry Jota Hampton, or Henny, take us round the World Olympic Games 2010 cross-country course in Kentucky courtesy of a helmet cam. Just watch those ears! If you want to contribute to this partnership, or learn more about Henny, who was picked up by Atkins for a song because he’d burned out as a show horse, click here. Henny combines eventing at top level with leading rein classes with Atkins’ two year old son, and, off the cross country course, has been known to be scared of shadows – not that you’d know it from this video. They finished 24th overall – not shabby.

If you’re wondering what happened at a later fence (at about 10.52), here’s an explanation from Peter on the YouTube page:

At 26A he jumped up great and stalled on top, I’m not sure why. We slipped off the far side, I checked to make sure he was OK, trotted around the corner and jumped the option.

Published by Susanna Forrest

Writer Amazons of Paris, The Age of the Horse and If Wishes Were Horses.

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