Post-Christmas Trivia

  • On the 30th at 2pm, BBC Radio 7 broadcasts “Cinderella’s Ponies”, a documentary about 100 Shetland ponies who live in a field off the M4 and perform in pantos around the country every Christmas.
  • Jilly Cooper in the Guardian on Sefton, the Blues and Royals’ horse gravely injured in the 1982 IRA bombing at Hyde Park barracks.
  • More on Ireland’s horse disaster in the New York Times. The Wall Street Journal was on top of the US horse-abandonment story in January 2008.
  • The classic Western, True Grit, has been re-made. Here’s a byte about Cowboy, Cimarron and Apollo, the equine stars.
  • An interesting new study compares the British equine economy and structure to that of Sweden and the Netherlands and makes suggestions for improvements. Dr Georgina Crossman found that  “models within the other two countries show that alignment with government objectives and better awareness of the socio-economic contribution of the horse lead to a more rapid progression of industry priorities.”
  • A Spindles’ Farm survivor has been re-homed with the Horse Rangers.
  • I got a voucher for a side-saddle lesson for Christmas and am totally overexcited!

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