Royal Wedding

I was lucky enough to watch the wedding at the British Embassy here in Berlin, with a rather distinguished audience who did, thank goodness, respond loudly to the goings-on so it was a bit like watching it with friends or family. They burst into laughter whenever Harry was in shot, “ooooh’d” at The Dress and “euurrrrghed” at Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie. I was gratified to note that the biggest, “oooh” followed by an “aaaaaah” of satisfaction came when the couple left Westminster Abbey and the landau drawn by white horses pulled up. It seems that you can’t do proper British pageantry without horses.

One Household Cavalry horse fell, lost its rider and got loose, according to the Telegraph:

The horse cantered up Whitehall, overtaking the bride and groom and all the other horses in the procession before careering into Horseguards barracks.

Police horses in Glasgow went into battle against a street party that got out of hand (thanks to Karen for sending this, and yes, why aren’t the horses armoured up?).

And in a sweet coincidence, a horse called Royal Wedding won the 5.30pm Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer Handicap Chase at Fontwell.

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