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From the BBC:

A man has been captured on CCTV trying to board a train accompanied by a pony.

Shocked staff watched as the man tried to get on the train at Wrexham General station with the white pony in tow

After a conductor refused him entry, the man returned to the ticket booth where he tried to buy two tickets – for himself and the animal.

Wales Online reports on the hunt to find the man:

The man, believed to be a traveller known as Joe, tried to get on the train at Wrexham and journey to Holyhead on Saturday evening.

But he was turned away by the train’s conductor before trying to buy tickets for himself and the animal at the station.

The man also took the horse to Wrexham Maelor Hospital’s A&E department.

UPDATE – after the eventful trip to the train station and hospital, the pony was taken to a pub.

Pony train-travel afficionados probably recall that David Freeman-Mitford, aka Baron Redesdale once bought a Shetland pony called Brownie in London for his children. He brought it back to their town residence in a hansom cab and stabled it overnight in a box room, planning to take it to their country home by train the next day. On being told that it could not travel in the goods van, he announced that he, the pony, his wife and children would all travel third class instead.

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  1. Hah! Just blogged on that too. It’s certainly not like the days of yore, when ponies were transported in horse cars. Maybe the chap expected there still to be a lifestock car. It’s hard even to take bikes on trains these days.

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