The Further Adventures of the Littlest White Pony

Wales Online has snagged an exclusive interview with Joe Purcell and his white Welshie Ruby, aka the Train Pony.

And the 68-year-old said pregnant section A pony Ruby would have been as “good as gold” on the Wrexham to Holyhead train from which they were both turned away last Saturday.

He said: “Ruby’s bomb proof. Kids can lie down underneath her. She wouldn’t walk on them and she wouldn’t bite them because she loves kids.

“She’s a little Welsh lady who would have been 100% on the train. I’ve raised cattle and horses all my life like my father and grandfather before me.

“I told the conductor she was my guide. People have guide dogs – why can’t they have guide ponies?

“But I was drunk at the time – I was on the top shelf. …

He caught a train between High Wycombe and Wolverhampton in 2006 with a traveller-bred, 15-hands high horse named Queenie.”

Later he and Ruby went for a kebab.

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