Here’s One for Fugly Horse of the Day

From the Herald News:

The owner of the bay mustang taken into the town’s custody last week insists her horse has never been neglected, but several months ago fell into a funk and stopped eating the way she should.

Ellie Rose, of 27 Marshall St., said she has been working diligently to get the horse, Shamray, to eat, and has receipts and canceled checks from the purchase of different types of feed. She’s also had a veterinarian from Mass Equine visit the horse and take blood samples to try to determine what is going on with the horse.

Animal Control Officer Hilary Cohen, meanwhile, said Rose “was ordered to have a vet out. She did not seek a veterinarian on her own. She has been ordered in more than one instance to have a vet come out. I have been to the residence for several years on numerous complaints of neglect.”

Excuses, excuses. As though a horse were like a cat, and got fussy about the flavour of its food…

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