Irresponsible Single Mother or BOGOF?

From the blog of the Olympic equestrian legacy fund, Hoof:

A city farm in London is appealing for help after discovering one of its seven riding school ponies is pregnant.
Pimms, a five year-old coloured Irish cob was purchased last autumn and has proved to be exceptional – even taking part in a sponsored cross-country ride earlier this month.
However, the size of her waistline was of some concern and Vauxhall City Farm’s veterinarian prescribed a low-calorie diet. When this failed, suspicions were raised and it’s been confirmed that she is due to foal in the next four to six weeks.
Director of the riding school, Linda Hinds, says, “It’s unlikely the previous owners were aware of her condition either as she’d have fallen pregnant last summer but it is no wonder she’s been so quiet!”
However the city farm is now faced with sending Pimms away to specialist care to have her foal and to rear it in appropriate surroundings.
Linda explains, “We don’t have any grazing, her stable would be too small for her to foal safely and there would be little peace and quiet. It feels like she is an Irish girl being sent away to the country to a home for unmarried mums!”

Vauxhall City Farm would appreciate any donations to help Pimms on her maternity leave.

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