The Second Horseman

Rebels in Colombia packed a horse with explosives which detonated, killing eight people (including a two-year-old). According to the BBC, it’s not the first time FARC have used horses and donkeys as deliverers of bombs.

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  1. That’s dreadful news!

    It’s not very original of them. The first terrorist attack on Lower Manhattan in the USA was not by Osama bin Laden’s Al Queda, but by a horse pulling a wagonload of explosives. It’s a little known event in US history; all that was left of the horse was its shoes, which became critical evidence.

    You can read about it here:

    I’ve always been upset that nothing was done to memorialize that poor horse.

  2. Great, if sad, story. Makes me wonder if there are any earlier examples, though maybe not given that horses have generally been the preserve of the (relatively) wealthy, in Europe at any rate.

    Nice blog, Susanna, which I’ve only just discovered – bookmarked it now!

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