Fjord Escorts

This pair of Norwegian Fjord horses offer wagon rides in my neighbourhood every Saturday. They pass under my window six or seven times, causing me to run and look – every horse-mad girl’s Pavlovian reaction.

Published by Susanna Forrest

Writer Amazons of Paris, The Age of the Horse and If Wishes Were Horses.

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  1. What a striking pair! Love the Fjord look, though have never ridden one, or known anyone who has competed them. I’m with you on the Pavlovian reaction; poor husband doesn’t get it when conversation must utterly cease when I hear the clatter of hooves, or a snort, or even… catch a whiff of horse manure- “there must be horses near by!”

  2. Hi, that would be me :) Thanks for allowing me the use of your photo, I’ve saved it to my computer for future possible use and will let you know if I end up drawing it. It’s not just unusual tack I’m after though, if you have any other photos that you think might make interesting art references I’m all ears

  3. Feel free to have a poke around the blog for other photos :) Off the top of my head, my photos are of Koniks, Przewalskis and some rescue horses at Redwings Horse Sanctuary. If you find the post on bloodhound hunting it is full of links to some very beautiful professional pictures.

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