Bros and (My Little) Ponies and Satanism

  • I freely admit to knowing nothing about gaming, but even I’ve picked up the fact that a marquee-name game called Skyrim has just been released. Unfortunately they seem to have a few bugs, including this flying horse. They really need to slap wings on it and call it a feature (more info about other glitch in which a horse and wagon flip over a wall here):
  • and in a different league of bros and ponies, rumours are flying in Australia that a giant horse-head sculpture by British artist Nic Fiddian-Green is being imported to stand over the grave of media mogul Kerry Packer, a keen polo player and art collector in his day. has some beautiful, weird photographs of the horse-head (called “I Look Beyond for a Distant Land”) beginning its journey to the Antipodes.

PS – videos don’t appear to be working on WordPress. Have added them as links until the glitch gets sorted out.

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  1. Bronies seem kinda like homegrown otaku imo. (And having recently experienced the video problem on my own WP, I found if you click on the ‘old embed code’ option in YouTube and copy-past that code into your entry, that works. Btw both video links you posted are currently ‘not found’. Poltergeiste I’m guessing.)

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