Déjà Vu is Bad for Horses

In 2008 an obscene benchmark was set in the large-scale abuse of horses when RSPCA inspectors finally gained access to the premises of a horse dealer in Amersham, Buckinghamshire and discovered 125 horses, ponies and donkeys in an advanced state of neglect , surrounded by the corpses of a further 35 animals. The words “Spindles Farm” evoke some horrendous sights, and are also shorthand for an equine nightmare. Sad then, to see a thread on HHO about “another Spindles Farm” – this time in Northern Ireland. At Lisnevenagh Road in Antrim over 60 animals required immediate treatment and rescue. Redwings reports:

Investigating officer Sgt Alison Liddle said, “When police arrived at Lisnevenagh Road we were met with a truly heartbreaking scene. These animals were effectively starving to death in the most dire of conditions – there was no clean bedding, no water and nowhere for them to move around. Live animals were being forced to live next to the rotting carcasses of other dead animals. No animal should be made to endure such horrendous cruelty.

“Every officer who attended has been affected by what they saw. This has made us determined to pursue the persons responsible and make sure they are found amenable for their despicable cruelty in a court of law.

The charities leading the rescue effort are Redwings, Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary and the Donkey Sanctuary. Crosskennan are already hard pushed to meet rising numbers; if you can help as a volunteer or by raising funds, please click here. Video footage from the BBC here.

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Writer Amazons of Paris, The Age of the Horse and If Wishes Were Horses.

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