Empowerification Through Princess Pony Primping!

Pony Royale, a new girls line starring beautiful princess ponies, steps onto the red carpet of the toy world – the fashion doll aisle – bringing a fresh new approach to princess play in the fashion doll category. Pony Royale combines girls favorite play patterns – hair play, fashion play and nurturing play – to give girls endless hours of open-ended creative play with a fun and easy fashion system. …
The foundation of the Pony Royale brand is a back story that invites girls to imagine they are princesses taking care of the royal ponies. It’s an empowering way for girls to play out their princess fantasies with imaginative storytelling and creative styling. …

Ah yes. Yet more “fashion forward ponies”. Remember Struts? *shakes head, sighs*

Published by Susanna Forrest

Writer Amazons of Paris, The Age of the Horse and If Wishes Were Horses.

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