If Wishes Were Horses: Back to School

The epigraph for this chapter comes from a wonderful late-nineteenth-century American book called In the Riding School: Chats with Esmeralda by Theo. Stephenson Browne. It was ludicurously quotable (I felt I could have used it for every chapter) and still a cracking read. You can access a scan of it here at Internet Archive. I salute the librarian or researcher who took the time and the trouble to make this gem accessible to all.

Here’s the homesite for Wendy, one of Germany’s numerous mags for pony-mad girls and foreigners who need to build up their German riding vocabulary. Wendy inspired Mendy das Wusikal, the dramatic tale of a young girl whose father wants to turn her horse into sausages. There’s even a still-photo summary on YouTube.

A little information on Thomas Fuchs’ concept of Bodily Memory.

This post relates to a chapter of the book If Wishes Were Horses: A Memoir of an Equine Obsession. If you have any questions to ask about the content, please fire away in the comments. The main online index for the book is here.

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