Whole Heap of Little Horse Links

  • IMG_0453This is the most sensible thing written about champion chaser Kauto Star’s controversial retirement to the dressage arena, from Greg Wood (Guardian)
  • In a repeat of Jesse Owens’ sprint against a thoroughbred, bladerunner Oscar Pistorius took on a horse in Qatar, although not without, yes, more controversy. The South African SPCA say that the horse was both held back and whipped. Video here too. (USA Today)
  • A new study on suspensory ligament injuries says they may be caused by too much extended trot. (The Horse)
  • The New York Times continued their excellent reportage on drug use in US racing by asking how it affects the European horse meat market (NYT)
  • George Stubbs took horses apart to study their anatomy and paint them. British equine massage therapist Gillian Higgins just paints them. Literally. (CNN)
  • Epona TV, the Danish website that had the balls to film abuse in collecting rings that were under FEI supervision, have launched their own internet TV station (Epona TV)

    True journalism is about bringing out information which would otherwise have remained obscure. We know that every little part of a horse is interesting and horse owners want to know what makes their equines thrive – even if it involves putting one’s brain to work, learning about neurology, looking into nutrition  or getting to grips with respiration. We want to produce equestrian journalism for the curious, open minded horse owner who perhaps falls between the very conventional end of the spectrum where competition results and profit are all it’s about and the other extreme where it’s felt that we shouldn’t ask anything of horses at all.

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