Were You Ever Pony Mad?

IWWH covers

Praise from Jilly Cooper for If Wishes Were Horses:

“How lovely! If Wishes Were Horses brought back all my childhood obsessions about ponies; all one’s old friends are there: Enid Bagnold, the Pullein-Thompsons, Golden Gorse, Joanna Cannan and the visit to Redwings. Susanna Forrest has done a fantastic job. She really loves and knows her horses.”

and from Carnegie Medal Winner, K M Peyton, author of Flambards:

“I adored this book. All aspects of the horse and pony – historical, current, personal, obsessive, beautifully written. The wonderful chapter on riding Tav through the Norfolk countryside . . . I was on Tav, quite tired when I dismounted. It took me back. Gorgeous.”

Published by Susanna Forrest

Writer Amazons of Paris, The Age of the Horse and If Wishes Were Horses.

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