Whole Heap of Little Horse Links


  • Where are we with burgergate? Rumours of Italian and Polish mafia involvement. (Guardian) Meanwhile the Independent reports that a newly enforced ban on horse- and donkey-drawn carts on Romanian roads may be responsible for the cheapness of equine flesh in the country. Folks, it’s GOOD for horses to have a job. (Independent)
  • “A most interesting and useful device.” What’s that? An odometer to tell you how far your carriage horse has drawn you. (Weird Universe)
  • A pony that was, according to official records, slaughtered last year, is found alive. (Daily Mail)
  • Horse-drawn carriages banned in Israeli cities (Haaretz)
  • Meanwhile, if you’re in New York on the weekend of the 23rd–24th March and you’ve always wondered what life is like for the carriage horses in Central Park, you should pop along to their open weekend. You can tour the stables, ask questions to your heart’s content and generally make up your own mind. (ClipClop NYC)

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