Saddle Up For A Classic Pony Book Spring

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Fidra Books of Edinburgh have recommenced rolling out their new editions of Ruby Ferguson’s Jill series with book three, Jill Has Two Ponies. This is the original text, without any politically correct snips or sections removed because long books might bore the modern kiddo. They also feature facsimiles of the wonderful 1950s illustrations by Caney. Fidra’s Facebook page is here, and their home page for the Jill series is here, with sample chapters galore. If you think you’ve outgrown Jill, think on – rereading them as a grown up left me in peals of laughter. Ferguson added some gentle satire to the standard pony book mix, and Jill has the wickedest comments to make on sappy girls and other idiots.

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Look out, too, for Jane Badger’s forthcoming book, Heroines on Horseback: The Pony Book in Children’s Fiction. It tells you the stories behind not just the great authors of the genre – Pullein Thompson, Leitch, Gervaise, Ferguson, Peyton, Edwards, Cumming et al – but also the artists who brought life to their words. Jane collects and sells pony books and her website has long been a go-to resource for all things gymkhana. It’s definitive and chockful of illustrations from your childhood, helping you sort your Silver Snaffles from your Six Ponies. My wee disclaimer: I contributed a short piece on my love for the Pullein-Thompsons’ Black Beauty’s Clan series.

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