Bidets, Somali War Horses, Blue Tongues, Bloodhounds and Sidesaddle: Some Equestrian Long Reads


Etincelle of Wanderreiten im Havelland has a snack.
Etincelle of Wanderreiten im Havelland has a snack.

Hello to everyone who arrived after the New York Times piece on Sasa and Tav. I’m in the final months of writing book two, so I’m a terrible blogger just now. However, I do have a few long reads in the archives and on other sites, and you’re welcome to dip into them. I also didn’t realise until this week that Amazon has made a US Kindle version of If Wishes Were Horses: A Memoir of Equine Obsession available. It has no US publisher as folk found it a bit too British, but it’s still a good 120,000 words of horse history and memories. Here’s my eclectic long reads selection:



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