A Torrid Tale of a Crazy Horse in Albany, Illinois

Screengrab via British Newspaper Archive.
Screengrab via British Newspaper Archive.

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A horse which suddenly became crazy and dashed into a house in Albany, Illinois, a few nights ago, seems, says an American paper, to have made a decided sensation in that quiet village. A correspondent says as he was being led through the streets by his owner, Mr Backwith, he began to whirl round, and then, freeing himself, he rushed through a strong gate into the garden of Mr. Pease. Passing rapidly along he succeeded in going through three more fences, dually [sic] emerging into the opposite street. Crossing this avenue, in a direct line he went through Dr. Robinson’s dooryard fence and into the house by the front door. Mrs. Robinson was seated in the parlour, and upon perceiving her strange guest immediately fled through the rear of the building. In her momentary fright she forgot her young babe. Dr. Robinson, hearing the crash, rushed into the house just in time to save his child. Indeed not a moment too soon, for the beast had already demolished part of the crib, besides leaving a flesh wound upon the child’s face. Sewing machine, sofa, chairs, and stove soon followed, and the carpet was literally cut in pieces. Having completed his course here he turned into a bedroom, and, getting his fore feet upon the bed, soon brought it to the floor. Men rapidly collected, and ropes were thrown around his body, but they could not force him to subjection until he was severely bled. Then thirty or more men forced him home, and having tied him down they managed to keep him in the stable. He did not return to consciousness, and died about midnight the same night. The animal was valued at 3,000 dols.; and was sent from New York not long since.

Illustrated Police News, Saturday 4 July 1874 (via the British Newspaper Archive)

Published by Susanna Forrest

Writer Amazons of Paris, The Age of the Horse and If Wishes Were Horses.

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