That Time the Budweiser Clydesdales Went to China

Bonus points if anyone can tell me what’s being said. (How did the quarantine work? I thought you couldn’t re-export Western horses out of China…)

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  1. Good find! I believe that they sent a wagon and some example horses (they own a lot of them!) who probably had one-way tickets, but not an entire trained hitch of eight. But since beer is so huge in China, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did export a hitch (again, one-way tickets) one of these days or start a Clydesdale breeding program to create a home-grown hitch in China.

    Here’s a local news video from St Louis about that Year of the Horse trip, note lack of specifics:

    Although, with the FEI’s efforts to liberalize “horses of high health” traffic in and out of mainland China, anything could happen!

    I wonder what they’re saying on that video, too!

    1. Very interesting. I just finished drafting my chapter on China, and quarantine is a major, major issue. The fifth most expensive yearling TB ever sold at auction took a one-way trip in 2011. Interesting also to know about the FEI’s efforts.
      Those Clydes must be the biggest horses in the whole country. The largest draught they have is a max. of 15hh (the Buohai).

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