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Susanna Forrest is the outstanding writer at the erudite end of horse madness. Her 2012 memoir of her own obsession, If Wishes Were Horses, was terrific; this next homage, expanding and reinterpreting our cultural relationship with equines, is equally fresh and clever. … Her writing is sublime … for the horse-addicted, a book can get no better than this … Forrest, a social anthropologist by training, heart truly pierced, has written a profound historical love story. … Her book is original, cerebral and from the heart.

Melanie Reid, The Times.

Forrest covers wide sweeps of history and geography with dexterity and panache . . . On the telepathic alertness of herds of Takhi wild horses on the Mongolian steppes … she is lyrical. In her dissection of the illogicalities of American laws on horse slaughter … she becomes a potent campaigner. You don’t need to be a hippophile to enjoy The Age of the Horse.

Robin Oakley, The Literary Review.

Whether describing the splendours of the haute école, the miseries of the American horsemeat trade, or the horse-thronged streets of 19th-century London, Forrest writes with a fine descriptive vigour. Her essayistic approach allows for an exhilarating blend of the historical and the personal, with lively digressions.

Jane Shilling, The Evening Standard.

Published by Susanna Forrest

Writer Amazons of Paris, The Age of the Horse and If Wishes Were Horses.

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