The Completely Ridiculous Holiday Horse History Quiz



What are the following: the leap of the cuckoo, the leap of the crane, the leap of the frog?

(a) movements to be performed by warhorses in Ancient India
(b) fences on the showjumping course at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics
(c) haute-école dressage steps of Renaissance Italy


What had Louis XVI previously done in the court room where he stood trial after the French Revolution?

(a) purchased horses
(b) attended trials
(c) had riding lessons


What did paediatricians in 1840s Berlin recommend for children?

(a) a horsemeat diet
(b) bathing in horse broth
(c) pony rides


What was last seen in Khonin Usnii Gobi, Mongolia in 1968?

(a) the last wild horse
(b) a horned “dragon horse”
(c) a member of Genghis Khan’s cavalry


How did the Kayamagha royal family in Ghana avoid mucking out their horses?

(a) they got their servants to hold pots to catch the horse pee
(b) they kept their horses in nappies
(c) they made them stand in ponds


The Botai are the earliest known tamers of horses. What did they use their cannon bones for?

(a) they carved them into flutes
(b) they made them into spear heads
(c) they used them as offerings to their gods


Which of the following species has never been ridden?

(a) takhi or Przewalski horse
(b) zebra
(c) quagga


What special qualities were the wild horses of sixteenth-century northern Gaul rumoured to have?

(a) their coats gave off sparks if rubbed
(b) vestigial wings
(c) tails like donkeys

All images via Wiki Commons. Answers to follow, or find them in The Age of the Horse:


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