I didn’t publish any articles between 2014 and 2017 because I was busy working on The Age of the Horse, so I set myself a challenge to get pieces out there to new audiences for a twelve-month surge. I’ve now reached the end and am about to sequester myself in the Stabi to work on books three and four (maybe more like three-and-a-half), so here’s a roundup. People ask me why I write about horses, but who wouldn’t love a theme that’s global, intersectional, multi-disciplinary and ever-evolving?



“Hanging Up Our Spurs” – a review of Ulrich Raulff’s Farewell to the Horse for the Literary Review.



“The Troubled History of Horsemeat in America” – for The Atlantic‘s Object Lessons blog series.



“Liberating Diana” – on the Danish sculptor making an equestrian statue of Diana, Princess of Wales. On Medium.



An obituary for Paula Sykes, pioneering woman groom of 1950s showjumping and right-hand woman of Pat Smythe. For Medium.



“Athletes or Anarchists? how the misunderstanding between horses and humans makes their domestication possible” – for Zoomorphic.



“How Lord Byron invented the wild horse” – for Literary Hub.



“The Hidden History of Bathing in Soup Broth” – for Gastro Obscura.


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“Selika: Mystery of the Belle Epoque” – for Paris Review Daily.



“Just horse play? A review of Ex Anima by Théâtre Équestre Zingaro” for Culturised.


Another framed winner.

“Horse-race Politics” – an essay on Siena’s Palio for Nowhere Magazine‘s Fall 2017 Travel Writing contest.



“Mare’s Milk for Health? Europeans Look to Horses for Ancient Remedy” – for NPR’s The Salt.

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