Amazons, Lionesses and Women of the World – a newsletter on women and horses in the long nineteenth century?

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Would you be interested in a newsletter about women and horses in the long nineteenth century?
I’m thinking a mixture of mini biographies like those for the circus horsewomen, plus social history and horse history.
Comment and tell me what you think or what you’d like me to cover!

Published by Susanna Forrest

Writer Amazons of Paris, The Age of the Horse and If Wishes Were Horses.

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  1. Yes! Let’s explore the world and work of Anne Gilbert, equestrienne and horse tamer who challenged Rarey and became his champion.

  2. Yes.
    I am not limited to any one particular subject. A friend of mine ofter comments “So what are you reading now?”, as I am telling her about something new in my sphere.

  3. Hi Susannah, Good to hear from you again and yes I would like to read about women in the “long” nineteen century. Always pleased to read anything by you. (Not sure though why the nineteenth century is “longer” than any other?) Also happy to read about the fellas. For my generation the common narrative in fiction about horses was very much on the theme of the boy or the man and his horse, e.g. the Walter Farley stories, Smokey, “My Friend Flicka” and sequels, “The Red Pony” etc, as well as all the TV cowboy shows that featured the horses too: Trigger, Champion the Wonder Horse, and Fury being the most notable. The cowboy heroes were often very competent horsemen as well: have you seen the opening credit sequence to the “Range Rider” series on YouTube? They were moral, upstanding role models for boys, such as the Lone Ranger, Roy Rogers, The Cisco Kid, etc? I’m a little saddened by the gender stereotyping today by toys like “My Little Pony”, and much children’s literature about horses and ponies, that seem to preclude boys and make them reluctant to ride since they perceive it as “girlish.” “Warhorse” was of course a notable exception, as is horse racing in general with the jockeys usually male. Not that I wasn’t delighted that Jenny Pitman showed everyone how to train racehorses. I’m sure all this is subject matter for you, I have often thought of writing about it myself. Sorry all this is a bit garbled, haven’t got time to tidy it up. Off to see my horse soon. Kind regards, Stephen

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