One Elderly Lady and One Nearly Middle-Aged Lady in the Havelland (with apologies to Penelope Chetwode)

Today I had a long overdue ride at Sabine Zuckmantel’s Wanderreiten im Havelland, the stable that features in the last chapter of If Wishes Were Horses. Half the horses were away (along with Sabine) on a ride in Poland, so we were a small group, and I was assigned the yard’s Queen Mother, Etincelle. Etincelle …

If Wishes Were Horses: Kassane

Images of the horses at Wanderreiten im Havelland. This post relates to a chapter of the book If Wishes Were Horses: A Memoir of an Equine Obsession. If you have any questions to ask about the content, please fire away in the comments. The main online index for the book is here.

Ponies Past

I just received a proof of the index for my book, If Wishes Were Horses, and thought that if anyone happens to be passing through the interwebs in search of Cringleford Riding School, Willow Cottage Riding School (near Swannington), Top Farm (near Weston Longville), the riding centre at the Red Barn at Stanford  or Costessey …

Sunday with Mel

Beautiful autumnal Ausritt on the last day of summer with Sabine Zuckmantel’s Wanderreiten im Havelland crew. None of my photos did justice to the incredible light and colour, but here’s Mel, the Arab/Barb I rode, who was a bugger to catch but a wonderful ride once we were underway.